Christmas Candles & Giftsets

We stock a large range of Christmas Scented Candles and Giftsets. Our  Cinnamon & Clove candles are our No. 1 sellers year after year. Our Christmas Scented range are Made in Ireland by Duffy & Scott Candlemakers and Celtic Candles.

We also stock Bomb Cosmetics Scented Candles, these are hand made in Poland using all natural ingredients. Christmas best sellers are Cranberry & Lime tin, Chocolate Orange tin Lavender

Check out our full range of Christmas fragrances including Frankinsense & Myrrh, Forest Pine, Cinnamon & Winter Berries, Festive Berries, Nutmeg & Ginger and of course our Cinnamon & Clove range.

Our Celtic Candle Christmas giftsets are the perfect gift for a loved one, they come in a variety of fragrances and each set contains 1 scented diffuser and 2 x scented votive candles, presented in a slide out box.

We also stock reed diffusers in some of our Christmas favs!



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