Candle & Product Safety information


· Always burn candles out of reach of children and pets.

· Never leave a lighting candle unattended.· Never burn a candle near anything flammable. Burning candles should be kept away from furniture, curtains, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations etc. and never place too close to a wall or low ceiling.

·Always place candles on a flat stable and heat resistant surface, we also recommend placing on a suitable candle plate to avoid damaging your surface.

·Candles that come in a plastic holder must always be placed in a suitable heat resistant glass candle holder, large enough to fit the entire candle with plenty of space around the candle to avoid overheating and melting of plastic.

·When burning candles together, please ensure you have a minimum space of 10cm between candles to avoid melting of wax and candles overheating.

·Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time.

·Trim wick to about 1cm before each burn.

·Discontinue use of all candles when 5mm of wax remains to prevent overheating and damage to surfaces.

·Please burn your candle in draught free conditions to stop the candles from dripping or smoking, and to ensure you get the full burn time out of your candle.

·Never move a burning candle as it/its container can become extremely hot when in use. Please allow the candle to cool and solidify before moving.

·For the first burn of any candle, make sure the wax pool reaches the outer edges of the candle before you extinguish to avoid tunnelling. If you blow your candle out too soon on the initial burn, your candle will tunnel and never burn properly, leaving an excess of wax around the edge. If this happens, you will be left with a lot of waste, and it will reduce the burn time of your candle.

·If a mushroom develops on the wick of your candle, extinguish it and let the candle cool completely. Then remove the mushroom by trimming the wick. If the mushroom isn’t removed, the candle flame will be quite large and have a tendency to smoke.

·If you are burning candles in a very warm room, please note that this will cause the candle to burn quicker and reduce its burning time.



· Flammable: Do not use near a naked flame/heat source.

·Do not place directly onto a synthetic, polished or painted surface.

·Avoid contact with skin and do not consume.

· Keep out of reach of children and pets.

·Reed diffusers differ slightly between manufacturers, some reeds require to be flipped occasionally, others don’t, so please check instructions on your packaging.



·Never place your wax burner within reach of children or pets

· Wax melts must be used in a burner.

·Please ensure that the dish of your burner is big enough to hold the wax when it is in liquid form to avoid overspill on your surface and also for safety. If you are unsure, only place a bit of your wax melt at a time so you can gauge it when it melts.

·Always ensure that there is sufficient space above and around the tealight in your burner so that it does not overheat and crack the burner.

·To avoid overheating, we recommend that you extinguish your tealight after 4 hours and let your wax melt cool and solidify before relighting.

·Please be aware that the wax pool will be very hot liquid so it should be placed in a safe location where it will not be moved or knocked over, if you need to move your wax burner, you will need to extinguish tealight and let the wax cool down and solidify before it is moved.

·When it is time to change your wax melt, let it solidify and after it has hardened it pop it out of holder and discard.