Our Story

Founded in 1983 by Donal O’Leary, after been made redundant by Dunlop’s. Donal set up the Church Supply business, delivering candles to Church’s in Cork, Kerry and Waterford.
When Dunlop and Ford closed down their manufacturing plants in Cork back in the 80’s, it had a devasting effect on thousands of families where they were left without an income overnight. Donal vowed then that he would prioritise and support Irish Manufacturing and to this day, still does. Over 90% of our candle sales are candles manufactured here in Ireland.
Most of our Church candles are made by Duffy & Scott candlemakers in Tullamore, Ireland.
Donal’s daughter Lisa joined the business full time in 2008, where she worked alongside her dad learning the ins and outs of the business and everything there is to know about candles.
Over the years, they started to introduce Scented Candles to their range of products which has opened the business up to a different market, bringing them to their new venture and website O’Leary Candles.
Customer Service has always been a top priority for us, and thankfully, most of our Church Supply customers have been with us from the very start back in the 80’s.
The quality and safety of our products is also a top priority to us, which is why we source from some of the best Candle Manufacturers in Ireland and Europe.
Our Devotional and Grave candles are manufactured in Europe.
We have a large selection of Scented Candles and fragrance from Duffy & Scott and Celtic Candles, both manufactured here in Ireland and Bomb Cosmetics which are manufactured in Poland. We are still building on our range and hope to have more Irish Brands on board soon.

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